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Angola Surpasses Nigeria as Africa's Largest Oil Producer

In April, Angola reached a production rate of 1.92 million barrels per day (b/d), slightly below its potential of 1.93 million b/d, according to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Nigeria produced 1.88 million b/d.


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MAY 2008  edition

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MAY 2008 AFRIK ENERGY News    Angola just passed Nigeria as Africa's number 1 supplier of crude oil. Most media sources contribute to conflicts in Nigeria. AFRIK ENERGY NEWS cites long-term and well-planned strategies put in place by Angola. Read this Editor's Corner for more details.   Oil industry is in the crosshairs of the US government as it probes alleged bribery by former Halliburton sub subsidiary, Kellogg, Brown and Root to Nigeria officials. Also Barack Obama, US Democratic presidential candidate, proposes a $15 billion levy against big oil profits.   Oil companies caught in the middle of in-country Africa government politics as in the case where Tullow Oil loses its Congo oil permit and Africa Oil operations come under militant attack in Somalia.  Multi-million dollar contracts.  And as usual, read some of the latest multi-million dollar contracts being awarded. 


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